The Chairman of CEDR comments on whether there is a lack of leadership in Europe after the video with the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, which scandalized a lot of Europeans during the NATO summit in Brussels.

“Everything just seems a lot easier. These are people who have a lot more life, professional and political experience than me. They all have very hard lives and agendas, and are responsible for making very hard and unpopular decisions. These are the reasons why I will not comment on their behavior at the NATO Summit. I will make comments when I am in their shoes.”, Zheng Zhong answers to viewer’s question about the Bulgarian President’s behavior at the summit.

“Does China have real interest in Bulgaria or the “16+1” Forum that took place in Sofia in July is strictly a formality and does not foresee serious investments and commitments from the Chinese government and companies” is also one of the topics of the conversation on Channel 3.