The chairman of CEDR Zheng Zhong and Georgi Koritarov commented on the US-China trade war issue as well as the summit between China and the leaders of the European Union.

“The issue concerning the human rights in China is very complex and sensitive to the leaders of the country. It is not by chance that in-depth discussions on this issue are avoided at the EU-China summit in Beijing, as there are many other important subjects on which the two sides would reach a consensus much faster and easier.”, Zheng Zhong says when asked about the human rights in China and the EU’s ability to positively influence China in this direction.

“The current economic and political environment is a good opportunity not only for China to work more deeply with EU, but also for EU with China. The trade war that the US is starting with the EU and China is a key moment for the development of China-EU relations. ” Zheng Zhong says that China’s form of government makes it more resilient than the US in a possible deepening of the trade war between the two countries.

According to him, China can afford to pursue policies and wait for results after 10-20 years, while the US relies on actions and events that should lead to faster results.