“I am sure you have already acquired the foundation of the entrepreneurship and I hope that at the right time and place you will be able to apply it in practice. Do not forget that high success comes not only with your luck, knowledge and professionalism, but much more with the sacrifice and the price you are willing to pay for this success.”

With these words, Zheng Zhong, owner of Terraland Group and Chairman of the Council on Ecnomic and Diplomatic Relations, congratulated the 2018 graduates of the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development at the University of National and World Economy.

Diplomas were awarded also by Eng. Iliya Kelshev, President of The Bulgarian Branch Chamber – Machine Building, Nina Tsaneva, Journalist and Adviser to the Minister of Economy, Rumyana Ivanova, Director of “Small and Medium Enterprises” Division at DSK Bank, Jörg Schenk, Head of the „Science“, „Culture” and “Translation” Divisions of the Embassy of Germany in Bulgaria, Hristo Dimitrov, founder of ensemble “Bulgare” and other official guests from Bulgaria and abroad.