Turkey’s accession to the EU is one of Ankara’s most important foreign political tasks. This was said a day ago at a news conference in Vilnius by the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu.

“There are no doubts that our country will remain a NATO member in the future and will aim for EU membership,” Çavuşoğlu noted.

“We want Turkey to get from the EU what it deserves,” he said, adding that “Turkey expects a clear signal from the EU on the issue of EU membership”.

At the end of June, Turkey accused the European Union of undeserved attitude due to a statement by the EU Council that the accession negotiations with Turkey are in fact in a dead point and Ankara is increasingly moving away from the Union.

Meanwhile, Finance Minister Berat Albayrak, who met with French counterpart Bruno Le Maire, said Turkey wants its relations with the European Union to move to a “new phase”. The speech comes against the deterioration of relations between Ankara and Washington, which increases the importance of the European Union for Turkey.

During a press conference with the French Minister of Finance, the recent unilateral steps taken by the United States against Turkey have shown that relations between Ankara and the EU, and in particular with France, are more important than ever. It is clear that Turkey’s relations with Russia are not an alternative to the country’s relations with the European Union or the US.

In addition to political and financial dispute, Ankara and Washington also have different views in the defence strategies. The US Congress called on Ankara to cancel the acquisition of C-400 anti-aircraft weapon systems from Russia and to ensure the acquisition of F-35 fighters from the United States. However, according to Turkey, the purchase is not a preference for Turkey, but a “coercive measure”.

The weapons purchase is assessed by Ankara as “essential” for the security of the country.

Albayrak also said France and Turkey have a common position against US unilateral decisions on Iran and that allies have decided to take joint steps in this respect.