President Trump’s headquarters replied on Saturday to recent reports that his re-election campaign in 2020 produces its flags in China, denying photographs suggesting the opposite.

Reuters announced earlier this week that a factory in East China has produced thousands of “Keep America Great!” banners for the forthcoming campaign to re-elect Trump in 2020.

The factory manager Yao Yuanyuan said that she worries that the US President’s own tariffs would harm production, but added that she did not know whether the buyers of the posters and flags were officially linked to the Trump campaign or the Republican Party. She added that her factory makes banners for Trump since the millionaire was a candidate in the elections for US president.

But the chief strategist of the re-election campaign Michael Glassner said the advertising goods are “100 percent produced in the US”.

“We are clear that our entire product is 100 percent produced in the US”, Glassner says in a statement to CNN. “Any seller who claims to have a connection with us, otherwise, lies or violates our protected trade mark rights.”

“This applies to all recent fake news about “Made in China” products for the 2020 campaign,” he added.

A similar report earlier this month found another factory in the province of Zhenjiang in China allegedly producing small blue and white flags for the campaign for re-election of Donald Trump.

The information about the factories appear to be contrary to the “Buy American, Hire American” programme of Trump in the context of an escalating trade war with China.

In an interview last week Trump said he was “ready to impose” tariffs even for $500 billion for China, after the country has already introduced a series of increased tariffs.

Another curious fact: The White House may have used silver utensils produced in China while serving refreshments of the annual “Made in America” product showcase last week, an event designed to show US made products.