On the day of the vine-growers – Trifon Zarezan, the Chinese businessman Zheng Zhong, owner of over 300 ha of vineyards near town Lom, celebrates with the workers who grow the vineyards along the Danube river. “Last year 38.7 ha were planted with new vines Merlot, Cabernet, Vratsa Misket and Chardonnay in the village of Dolno Linevo. And this year, another 23.5 ha will be planted near Lanevo and Stanevo. Total investment in vineyards in the region is about 9 million leva, but it will increase, “said Zheng Zhong.

The Chinese businessman plans to build a winery near the coastal village of Stanevo, where the grapes will be processed and the produce will be sold domestically and exported to Europe and China. Last year, when the harvest of the Danube massifs was very good, 40,000 bottles of Northwest grape wine were exported to China.

So far Bulgarian wine is not very popular the Asian country but its qualities are very good and after a suitable campaign the drinks will find a good market, the 30-year-old businessman is sure. He has been developing successful agricultural and IT business for almost 10 years. “There are plans for development, but the workforce is a big problem. It’s getting harder to find the right people to work for you.”, says the Chinese entrepreneur. In the presence of the owner Zheng Zhong, the mayor of Lom Penka Penkova and the vine-growers father Tsvetan Antonov blessed the farmers and workers and wished them health, strength and skills to care for the vines and get good yields. Afther that, traditionally, people shrugged and offered a bowl of aromatic wine on the Danube.

Source: Trud Newspaper