The forum was organized by the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) and took place on 21st of April. It was attended by representatives of China’s largest professional Federation of Industry and Trade, led by its Vice-Presidents Mr. Quan Zhezhu and Mr. Zhou Haijiang, who is also CEO of Hodo Group.

The Bulgarian side was represented by Mr. Tsvetan Simeonov, Chairman of BCCI and Mrs. Madzhide Ahmedova – Deputy Executive Director of the Bulgarian Investment Agency, as well as representatives of the Bulgarian business.

Main topics were major economic indicators, which highlight China’s development over the past year. The investments outside the country were $150.110 billion, and the investments under the platform “One Belt, One Road” were $14.50 billion. The trade volume between China and Bulgaria amounted to $1.640 billion.

China is now in a process of deep reform, which is represented especially by supporting the private sector. For the past year 70% of the employees were engaged in the private sector. China’s economic development is remarkably rapid. It is a result of the steps taken towards building of an ecological environment, the expansion towards openness to the world and the abolition of many restrictions for doing business in the country.

One of the successful examples of this processes is that a company, which is registered in China, regardless of the origin of its investments, has the same privileges as the local businesses. In addition, many restrictions when applying for approval to do business in China, dropped out.

The interests of the Chinese business in Bulgaria are mainly in the energy, infrastructure, agriculture sectors.

The export of Bulgarian wine was pointed out as one of the successful practices in the relations between the two countries.