In March took place number of meetings between the management of Chinese investors, led by Mr. Xu Guangyi, and the Bulgarian government (ex officio), which were organized with the cooperation of Terraland Group and its partners. During these series of meetings, the Chinese side expressed investment interest in specific sectors of the Bulgarian economy.

The meetings were very fruitful and were held in a spirit of mutual interest. The delegation met with Mr. Ognian Gerdjikov – Prime Minister, Mr. Lubomir Ganchev and Mr. Lachezar Borisov – Economy Vice Ministers as well as Mr. Konstantin Delisivkov – Energy Vice Minister.

Sofia Municipality was represented by Mrs. Yordanka Fandakova – Mayor, Mr. Doncho Barbalov – Deputy Mayor, Mr. Elen Gerdjikov – Chairman of the Municipal Council, Mr. Vesselin Milev – Chairman of the Committee on Health and Welfare of Sofia Municipality.

Major investment interest in Bulgaria referred to a number of projects in the healthcare and energy sectors. The two sides discussed also mutual investment projects in the field of traditional Chinese medicine, industrial zones in Bulgaria and mineral baths.

In the delegation from Chinese side attended also Mr. Zheng Zhong – manager of Terraland Group and Chairman of the management board of Council on Economic and Diplomatic Relations (CEDR), as well as Prof. Zhao Guojiang – CEO of US Endocare Company.