This project is the first from a long-term investment program of the company, which also includes building of a modern vineyard in Lom Municipality. The project involves uprooting of old and planting of new vines, building a comprehensive system for drip irrigation and building of a massive truss.

The next stage of the project is the purchase of modern agricultural machinery and construction of the winery, which will be equipped according to the latest technological innovations in the industry.

In the whole process the company will hire workers from the area of Lom and Montana. The goal of Terra Land Ltd., part of Terraland Group, is to create a competent and ambitious team, as the main priority is to provoke a sense of personal commitment and solidarity of everyone regardless of the position in the hierarchy.

The approval and launch of the project happen with the support and professionalism of the regional Lom city structures of Municipal Office “Agriculture”, EAVW Montana, Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water Montana and government structures, who helped us successfully pass through the necessary administrative procedures.