It is confirmed by the Turkish ambassador to Brussels that Ankara is open for make reforms in key laws regarding the security sector, an action that the European Union has insisted to be taken for a long time.

The reform is one of the EU requirements that needs to be met before the visa restrictions for Turkish citizens traveling within the Union are lifted.

From an EU perspective, Turkey has to meet 72 mandatory requirements to receive a liberalized visa regime for its citizens on European territory. According to information from 2016, which is up to date, 7 key requirements have not yet been met.

These include: improving the biometric passports of Turkish citizens according to EU security requirements; adequate measures to prevent corruption; legislation that complies with EU standards for the protection of personal data and personal information; revision of Turkish counter-terrorism legislation so that the definition of terrorism in Turkey corresponds to that of the EU and others.

According to Ankara, Turkey’s counter-terrorism laws can now be changed, given the fact that the country is gradually dealing with the consequences of the failed coup two years ago.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he expects “EU leaders to abolish artificially imposed barriers to Turkey’s European membership as soon as possible and to take a constructive stance so its EU membership is not a victim of a settlement of domestic accounts “.

According to the Turkish leader, a key moment for this development will be the EU Summit scheduled for March in Varna, during the Bulgarian presidency.

Erdogan position is unconditional that “Turkey’s desire is for full membership, and other options beyond that are far from us and will not satisfy us.

The visa issue is one of the two important issues that Ankara and Brussels are still seeking consent. The other is related to the handling of migratory flows from the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia.Turkey has announced that it is already asking for another 3 billion euros under the migration agreement that was reached with the EU at the height of the refugee crisis.

Turkey promises to ensure a safe return of Syrian refugees to their homes after the border is cleansed. But before that, it will “clear its entire border from terrorists with Syria”, Erdogan said. This indicates that the Turkish offensive against Syrian Afrin could be further widened.