British Prime Minister Theresa May, assured that she is close to reaching an agreement with the EU on the conditions under which the Brexit will take place. Looking forward with a huge interest in Mansion House, May said it is time to accept the “raw facts” for the economic consequences of leaving the community.

Pointing out what Britain wants from future economic cooperation with the EU, the PM acknowledged that it would difficult for both parties in the negotiation process to to get exactly what they want, but she is optimistic that an agreement will be reached because the interest is common.

According to her words, Britain wants the “widest and deepest” partnership with the EU, which covers more issues than any other trade agreement, including financial services.

With regard to a second referendum, May said that the decision on Brexit will not be reviewed and she added that now is the time for politicians to fulfil what the people have asked. The PM also said that her country would not accept the Canadian or Norwegian model of relations with the EU.

Theresa May expects that the reciprocal market access to decrease after Brexit.

“This is inevitable because the UK is leaving the single market and the customs union”, May added.

She rejected the proposal for Northern Ireland to remain part of the customs union in order to ensure that there would be no firm border with Ireland after Brexit, because, according to her words, this would destroy the common market in the United Kingdom, which is unacceptable.

The long-awaited speech by British Prime Minister for future relations with the European Union after Brexit was described as “very honest”, because for the first time she acknowledged that it would be difficult, but at the same time put an end to speculation that there would be no transaction. Pragmatism in Teresa May’s words still gives some reason for optimism, although more concrete measures have not been heard again on the most difficult to resolve issues.