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General Terms

1. is an information site aiming to present up-to-date information from foreign and own sources related to the activities of the Council on Economic and Diplomatic Relations ("SIDO" or "the Council") to an unlimited number of users. The owner of this site is SIDO.

2. Every user of is required to comply with the general terms and conditions for using the services provided by the site.

3. SIDO and the employees of the association are not liable for any damages that arise from the use or inability to use the site.

4. SIDO and the employees of the Association are not responsible for the materials posted on the site for their veracity and completeness.

5. SIDO and the employees of the Association are not responsible for whether the users of the site have reached the required years and have received permission to use it.

6. It is forbidden to use author information (text and image) from without explicit written permission from SIDO.

7. The service we provide is free of charge. has the right to place ads on the pages of the site.

8. In some cases, if you click on some of the banners, a cookie may be activated by the advertiser. does not control these cookies. can send cookies and tracking files.

9. SIDO is not responsible for damage caused by viruses to software, hardware, telecommunication facilities; For the loss of data arising from materials or resources searched, loaded, or used in any way through the services provided.

10. Links to other sites are provided to facilitate users. The SIDO team is not responsible and does not affect the content or maintenance of these pages and is not responsible for any damages resulting from their content and / or support. Guest-authors fully accept responsibility for their materials. Each author expresses his personal opinion and the assessments in the texts are entirely personal responsibility and self-respect of himself. SIDO is not responsible for interpretations and subjective assessments of the correctness and completeness of the information published on our pages.

11. These Terms and Conditions may be changed at any time by Site Owners, and any amendments and supplements shall take effect upon their publication on

12. Applicable law is Bulgarian law. The disputes arise through negotiation and mutual concessions, and when this proves impossible, the dispute concerns the Arbitration Court of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce according to its Rules of Procedure based on arbitration agreements.

13. Conditions for publication of materials by the users of the website

13.1. Dismissal of rights

13.1.1. Users are entitled to publish materials and / or comments on only after prior consultation with SIDO. The sites and the sections in which users can publish materials are determined by

13.1.2. The materials can be published on the site at any time of the day, and the visualization of the materials of the respective heading will be done only after approval by a member of the editorial team at

13.1.3. By sending material, the user agrees and assigns to all proprietary and transferable non-material copyrights and related rights on the published materials, as well as the exclusive right to reuse the materials in all manner provided by the Law for Copyright and neighboring rights (SACPP), for the maximum period allowed in the CACA and for the whole world.

13.1.4. The use of the materials includes but is not limited to: reproduction, distribution, wireless and satellite broadcasting, cable transmission and cable retransmission of other organizations and other electronic communications networks, publishing (offering access) on the Internet, analogue And digital distribution, mobile content distribution via the Internet and other distribution platforms and any other technical means or forms of distribution of digital content , Existing or created or subsequently created as part of a platform owned by SIDO or SIDO-related parties as part of a linear audio-visual media service or on-demand audio-visual media service within the meaning of the Radio and Television Act Television and Directive 2010/13 / EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 10 March 2010 on the coordination of certain provisions laid down by law, regulation or administrative action in Member States concerning the provision of audio-visual media services; Public display or public performance Sound recording and video recording; Reproduction of recordings on sound and video carriers and their distribution; Adapt, synchronize, shorten, duplicate, subtitle, translate and process; Adjusting and making any changes to the material provided; Use of the material and its records and parts thereof to create new, derived material, import and export of copies of the material records and to assign the rights of use under this paragraph to third parties, payed or free of charge.

14. The User agrees that the provision of the materials and the remise of the rights according to the aforementioned shall not be remunerated.

15. By sending material, the user declares and ensures that:

15.1. He is the sole author of the material and he has provided it.

15.2. The content of the material does not violate these Terms and Conditions.

15.3. The material is created by the user in a personal quality and is not provided for publishing in sites for advertising or other commercial purposes.

15.4. The User agrees that, in view of the nature of the materials and the manner in which they are used, the names of the authors and holders of related rights in the materials may not be indicated by their use by

15.5. In the event that the visualization of the materials on the site is subject to a moderator's approval from, the user agrees that is not obliged to publish or use in any way the material that the user Sends.

15.6. The user agrees and gives the the right to unilaterally determine whether the material is to be disclosed, as well as the time, place and manner of doing so.

15.7. The user agrees that by sending material he agrees to require the user to collect personal information about him and to use it in connection with the use of the materials within the meaning of these General Terms and Conditions.

16. By sending material, the user declares that he fully understands the content of these Terms and Conditions and agrees to be legally bound by them.

17. SIDO and the employees of the association are not responsible for whether the users of the site have reached the age of years and have been authorized to use it.

18. Access for persons under 12 years of age is prohibited.

19. Minors are requested permission from parents or their legal representatives.

20. It is forbidden to upload the following types of comments to news and opinions on the social comment pages of the site:

A) contrary to the Bulgarian legislation, the applicable foreign laws, the present General Terms, the public norms and the morals;

B) containing a threat to the life and physical integrity of third parties;

C) who have advertising purposes, except with prior written permission from;

D) whose content violates human rights under the Constitution and the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria or international instruments to which the Republic of Bulgaria is a party;

E) which are trade or business secrets or other confidential information;

F) which are the subject of intellectual property rights of third parties, except with the consent of the rightholder;

G) violating any proprietary or non-material rights or legitimate interests of third parties.

21. The copyright of the comments on belongs to their authors, reserves the right to use the published comments on for its own needs, including for advertising or other commercial purposes.

22. reserves the right to delete comments that are inconsistent with these Terms and Conditions, as well as comments that are written in Latin.

23. It shall be known that the IP addresses from which all comments are made are recorded and may be used in certain cases to disclose the identity of the person who posted the comments in violation of these Terms and Conditions. reserves the right to notify and fully cooperate with the competent state authorities, including the prosecutor's office, the investigation and the police authorities, for any comments that violate the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria and the law of the European Union.

24. does not bear any responsibility in case of lost information or the impossibility of saving the information entered with the comments on the site.

25. Posting a comment on means that you are familiar with these Terms and Conditions, agree with them and you are committed for complying with them.