Regular membership

Regular membership at CEDR are granted to individuals and legal entities - companies and NGOs, who share the values and principles of the organization. The main activities that company members of CEDR operate are in the fields of agriculture, viticulture and enology, construction, healthcare, IT communications, investments, cosmetics and others.

1. The applicant must prepare and submit the following documents:

– Membership application; Download: For individuals | For legal entities
– Sample form; Download: For individuals | For legal entities

2. Upon approval by the Board of CEDR the applicant must pay the extrance and membership fees* and send a copy of the payment order to

*The entrance fee is one-off payment of the ammount of BGN 200, which is due no later than 30 days after an written notification. The annual membership fee, which is BGN 700 on annual basis, is due for the year of acceptance in the amount respective to the remaining months to the end of the same year. In the following years the membership fee is due in a full amount by 30th of January.

Note: CEDR reserves the right to request additional documents.

Honorary membership

The Management Board (MB) is entitled to accept as honorary members individuals who sympathize with the objectives of CEDR and contribute to its prosperity. According to their wishes, they have the right to attend meetings of the "MB" and have an advisory vote.