General Questions

1. The applicant must prepare and submit the following documents:

– Membership application; Download: For individuals | For legal entities
– Sample form; Download: For individuals | For legal entities

2. Upon approval by the Board of CEDR the applicant must pay the extrance and membership fees* and send a copy of the payment order to

*The entrance fee is one-off payment of the ammount of BGN 200, which is due no later than 30 days after an written notification. The annual membership fee, which is BGN 700 on annual basis, is due for the year of acceptance in the amount respective to the remaining months to the end of the same year. In the following years the membership fee is due in a full amount by 30th of January.

Note: CEDR reserves the right to request additional documents.

CEDR, as a nonprofit organization, relies very much on the help and support of its trainees.

In order to become an intern, you must send a CV and a cover letter to and after the approval of your application, you will be contacted.

Although we treasure the most the personal qualities of a person, we can point out several fields of education, that are suitable for the activities and interests of CEDR:

– Political sciences and Politics;
– European programs;
– Sinology;
– Mass communications and advertising;
– International Relations;
– International Economic Relations;
– Public Administration;
– Public order and local governing and others.

The internships at CEDR, unless expressly agreed, are not paid.

CEDR is an independent NGO working without any state and government funding. The main sources of financing are membership fees, donations from individuals and legal entities and sponsorships. CEDR therefore relies greatly on your generous support, as well as other people’s and organizations’. This support is a key part, that ensures the independence of our organization, as well as the ability further to develop our activities.