Almost half of the companies already have an artificial intelligence projects (AI) and in two years period, 70% of companies will have implemented AI technology in their applications. This are the results of a study conducted by the technological giant Fujitsu among European companies. The purpose of the survey is to determine the degree of implementation and benefits of AI in business accross Europe.

From industry’s point of view, manufacturing companies are expected to have the greatest benefits by eliminating human error (60%), minimizing human factors (51%) and eliminating manual processes (43%). In the services, commerce and transport sectors, companies are step ahead in developing an AI strategy – 15% of them have done it already.

75% of the production companies consider that the biggest potential of AI is in the envisaged maintenance of equipment. According to the report, this is due to the objectives of ensuring continuous production processes using predictive algorithms based on data from manufacturing machines.

Another important contribution of AI for 70% of the participants is the possibility of more flexibility in the production processes of new products and for 60% of the participants in the study – improving the efficiency of production through automation.

The survey reveals that the leading countries in the implementation of artificial intelligence technologies are the Scandinavian ones and Britain, lagging behind are Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Apart from legal or regulatory reasons, another factor which is limiting the implementation of AI is the lack of AI in the technological solutions themselves. Another obstacle is the organization’s internal processes and culture.

Finally, professionals note that the huge potential of artificial intelligence has not yet been reached by companies in Europe due to a lack of strategic focus, as a result companies are risking the opportunity to use AI for transformation of their business.