“Every leader must have the necessary patience, perseverance and equanimity to lead things to the end, otherwise he deserves the mediocre life he will most likely live.”, says Zheng Zhong, Chairman of Council on Economic and Diplomatic Relations (CEDR).

The Chairman of CEDR commented on the Third China-CEEC Capital Mayors Forum in Belgrade as well as the forthcoming Fourth Meeting of the 16+1 Local Leaders in Sofia.

“It’s useful having such forums taking place in order for the leaders and businesses at different levels and scales to meet with their colleagues and partners in the 16+1 countries. It is a matter of qualities and luck that the signed contracts and memorandums are to be realized later. “, comments Zheng Zhong.

He says that if a project is delayed for more than 6 months, it is likely that it will never happen, as many conditions change during this period of time.