The consortium between Hainan and Plovdiv Airport Invest was designated as a concessionaire at Plovdiv Airport following a procedure. By its decision, the Government hereby authorizes the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications to conclude the concession agreement. This should happen within two months of the date of entry into force of the decision.

The Plovdiv airport will be the second European airport in the HNA Airport Group portfolio after the Frankfurt-Hahn airport in Germany. With its investment in Plovdiv, the consortium reaffirms its intentions to continue and deepen its cooperation with the countries in Europe and makes a step under the auspices of the Belt & Road initiative.

The concession is for 35 years, and for this period the concessionaire commits to invest in the facility the sum of EUR 79 083 000. The funds are for renovation, maintenance and rehabilitation of existing infrastructure, as well as construction of new facilities.

After the expiration of the grace period (48 months), for each calendar year the concessionaire will make a payment consisting of a fixed and variable part. The fixed part shall be BGN 600 000 excluding VAT, while the variable portion shall represent 6% of the total net revenue of all activities for the relevant year relating to the use of the concession subject.

HNA Airport Group is a sub-division of the HNA Group responsible for the construction, operation and control of ground handling operations at new airports, as well as for planning and investments in industrial airport areas and existing airport of the group. The company seeks to become a world leader among airport operators. Based in 2003, HNA Airport Group operates and operates with 16 airports around the world with a total human flow of 47.86 million passengers, 658 000 tonnes of freight and more than 333 000 flights.