Chinese Deputy Prime Minister Han Zheng warned that a trade war, started by Donald Trump’s new aggressive economic policy, would only harm everyone. According to his words, it does not serve anyone’s interests, but would only result in serious consequences and negative effects.

During a global economic forum, he called for cooperation so that everyone can benefit from the economic globalization. Beijing, however, is ready to defend its interests after the US President introduced new customs duties on Chinese goods and accused China of stealing intellectual property.

The US announced a plan aimed to impose duties on a wide range of Chinese products for alleged infringements of the intellectual property laws and anti-competitive practices on the Chinese side. The biggest chain of tech stores in the United States will no longer offer Huawei mobiles. Thus, acting according to the authorities’ instructions, Best Buy joined the Verizon and AT&T operators to boycott the Chinese company due to concerns about US national security.

Beijing responded on Friday with a list of US goods imported to China, including pork meat, apples and steel pipes, worth 3 billion dollars, which could become a subject to counter-customs duties.

According to Zheng, China must be opened to the world and this can be done through the One Belt, One Road initiative. The country will expand the access to its markets, including financial, telecommunications and education sectors. Beijing showed again the strong support of its diplomacy during the Winter Olympic Games, which reaffirms the achievement of peace in the Korean Peninsula as proof of the constructive cooperation policy.

In February, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the National Security Agency and three other services issued a formal opinion to the Senate about the thread of foreign intelligence operations through the user electronics imported in the US. The agencies are deeply concerned that companies closely linked to foreign governments have access to US telecommunications networks.